Get Signed Up For UjENA Girl

Ujena Swimwear is a world-renowned brand and has been featured in many leading magazines and films since 1984. Here is your chance to sign up to become a UjENA Girl. If approved we will send you up to $600 retail value in UjENA Swimwear to get started.

UjENA is looking for brand ambassadors to promote the UjENA brand on Social Media.

UjENA Girl Program Details

  • A UjENA Girl will wear Ujena Swimwear and post photos of herself wearing Ujena Swimwear on social media platforms to promote the brand.
  • In exchange, UjENA will send the model five suits to the UjENA Girl at no charge. ($25 USD Priority Shipping)
  • Additionally, the UjENA Girl will be enrolled in the UjENA Wholesale program and will have the opportunity to buy UjENA Swimwear at wholesale prices, or sell to others through the UjENA Dropship program.
  • You will be considered for the UjENA Jam event, and an opportunity to be published in the UjENA Swimwear online catalog.

UjENA Girl Requirements

After we have processed your credit card for $25 USD for Priority Shipping, the editors will review and validate your information and contact you promptly.

UjENA Girl Duties

  • A UjENA Girl shall wear UjENA Swimwear in public, or at photoshoots.
  • A UjENA Girl shall work to promote the UjENA brand on social media. She shall create specific social media accounts to promote only the UjENA brand. At minimum she shall make five posts per week.

Privacy Policy

  • We will verify the information your provide.
  • Your personal details will be consider confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties.
  • The UjENA Girl may use a ficticious "star name" or "stage name" on public profiles.
  • The UjENA Girl gives UjENA a world-wide non-revocable license to use their photo, likeness and name to advertise the UjENA brand.

Not a model? Sign up for UjENA Crew (Photographers and Others)

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